My great-great-grandfather - Jørgen Tandberg Ebbesen - was a prominent man in Sandefjord, Norway - the town where I lived myself some years ago.

He was as a doctor asked to move to Sandefjord in 1839 to help a newly established spa (Sandefjord kurbad). He succeeded in doing this, and at he same time helped Sandefjord develop from a small collection of houses to a city. He was many times mayor of the town, and was involved in all aspects of the towns political, social, cultural and commercial affairs.

Jørgen Tandberg Ebbesen


Henriette Sophie Ebbesen (b.Frisak)




(1 of 11 children)


(1 of 11 children)

He and his wife both came from families with many children. They had 11 children, of which:

my great-grandmother ( Abigael "Billa" Forchhammer - 1840-1888) had 13 children - thus being the main contributor to the Forchhammer family.

a sister ( "Hanna" Magdalena Castberg - 1839-1881) also had 13 children -

another sister ( Petrea Wilhelmine "Mina" Poulsen - 1851-??) had 8 children and

a brother ( Just Bing Ebbesen - 1847-19??) had 10 children.

Even though the rest of the children died young or remained childless, this couple thus ended up with

44 grandchildren

Going back 5 generations from Henriette Sophie Ebbesen, we find the following pair:

Ole Gløersen and his wife had 7 children,and together with his sister who had 5 children started the Gløersen-family - which in a genealogy from 1929 included 2906 direct descendants.

Of these 38 belong to the Forchhammer branch

Ole Gløersen

ca. 1673 - 1734


Sidsel Cathrine Gløersen (b.Hage)

ca.1675 - 1760

Going even further back - 9 generations and 300 years from Sidsel Cathrine Gløersen - we find an impressive woman:

Johanne Andersdatter til Asdal

This lady was one of the wealthiest and most influential people of her time.

Two marriages left her with 18 (eighteen) children and large estates in the northern part of Jutland, DK.

Her family tree was published in 1924 - but in a very abbreviated form, concentrating on the main "branches".

Still the tree includes 2159 persons - of which only one is a Forchhammer - Abigael "Billa" Forchhammer - mentioned above.